Socio-Economic and Cultural Upliftment in Rural Environment (SECURE)

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Socio-Economic and Cultural Upliftment in Rural Environment (SECURE) is an organisation of social workers committed to the cause of the marginalised & vulnerable sections of the society. The organisation is non-hierarchical, flat with transparency & free flow of information across all the participants in the organisation. SECURE firmly believes that it is the stakeholders who change themselves towards development while outsiders can only facilitate the process. Hence, participation of the stakeholders, both primary and secondary in all its initiatives is the strength of the organisation.  The organisation has been registered in the year 1991 as a non-profit society under the AP Societies Registration Act.  The mission & vision of the organisation are:

  • Universalisation of Elementary Education & Promotion of Child Rights
  • Strengthening of Local Body Governance
  • Improvement of Livelihoods through micro credit and micro-enterprises
  • Participatory Natural Resource Management 
  • Promotion of health sustainability and prevention of HIV /AIDS
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Improving livelihoods by strengthening Traditional Milk Marketing sector
  • Relief and rehabilitation during disasters

Empowerment of  Rural and Tribal communities.

Organizing the Communities into sanghas for collective action for community development, improving livelihoods, Improved health and providing education for attitudinal change & comprehensive development.

Aims & Objectives

  • To intensify functional literacy and train them to improve socio  and  economic status
  • To provide basic training to ensure healthy life
  • To promote agricultural, educational economic cottage and home industries, social artistic cultural and environmental activities
  • To educate the rural people through training, get-together demonstrations, lectures, film shows and visual education programme to improve their status
  • To take up education, training and health programmes
  • To promote, seri–culture, epi-culture, horticulture, Fisci-culture  programmes among the target group
  • To organise the target groups, on the basis of natural functional groups into village sanghams
  • To design and implement income generating programmes for the rural poor
  • To take up study, research on specific problem issues for the rural poor.
  • To promote women and child development programmes
  • To enhance the capacity of target groups
  • To shoulder village care   more effectively, through Sangham approach

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